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Day 8011

Brandon Grisham, Bagrisham, Internet, Notes, January, page 23

Saturday, January 26th, 2019

Brandon Andrew Grisham

The Western World, filled with production, holds a critical flaw.

  • Life once held the specific purpose of gaining position and status.
    • Now that general work is not needed, humans are “bored”.
      • Few know how to proceed, so they specialize.

Life has no “guide”, so we grew distracted.

  • We have passed the point of efficient results, even when inefficient.
    • Humans become lazy. The comfort sets in. Stagnation.
      • Some continue growth, yet most prefer distraction.

Would you prefer hearing about:

Climate change, famine, poverty, war, (etc.)


Art, comedy, memes, media, music, television, videos, (etc.)?

Silence is fragile, emotionless pauses that embody the void.

I aim to prove to myself that my mind remains rational in this chaos.

  • My false conclusions distract me from mental turmoil.

Everything is all that exists. Without limits, it is the sum of all.

  • The scale of this Universe is absurd. Everything is small.
    • Your problems are laughable by comparison.
      • Even if minor, scale doesn’t impact validity.
        • Your thoughts or issues are equally important.

Equality removes biased pedestals that some feel entitled to.

Wealth and race are the largest obstacles.Brandon Grisham, Bagrisham, Internet, Notes, January, page 24

The second page

As a man, my largest goal is to avoid breaking my frame.

  • It comes down to how I react, restraining myself from childish emotion.
    • Discipline, stem skepticism, and strength are my values.
      • Survival in face of agony & strife, but smiling like I’m content.

Avoid shortcuts like the plague. Not short tasks, but cheating.

  • Anything worth doing takes time, as it is life.

Pleasure drives the mind. Happiness is the only solid fuel.

  • Other emotional states can control you, but not as frequently.
    • One does not remain in a manic state for very long.

Should I pursue flexibility or strength? Intellect or intuition?

  • My goal is to be well rounded, like admirable heroes.
    • For example, Spider-man faces obstacles more rationally than the Hulk.

The world is your gym, where soft flooring turns into concrete.

  • Some places allow for practice, whereas others test you.

What is not earned is not respected. Respect is chiseled over time.

  • Ego erodes over time, as skill is all that will show in tests.
    • You will not always be tested, but you should prepare for them, as you will not always know when they will occur.

Brandon Grisham, Bagrisham, Internet, Notes, January, page 25

The third (and final) page

While I believe in equality, rank and value of thought factor in.

  • You would listen to a doctor far more than a cashier.
    • Alternatively, cashiers hold informant that doctors do not.
      • They both have specialized knowledge.

The “log” of humanity’s evolution will be combed by machines.

  • Those that view the data will see trends in behavior.

“Working” to grasp concepts that I have no desire to learn feels pointless.

  • As a writer, the only subject that I wish to pursue is writing.
    • Being well rounded is useful, but few care about me.
      • Their only desire is to know that I am capable of work.

A degree feels like a drawn-out transaction.

In bleak existence, creative ideas are the only source of color.

Everyone holds high expectations, yet they rarely work on them.

  • Grand expectations are never reached if not incremental.
    • Motivation is too fleeting. Only habit & work ethic succeed.

I fear for how I will achieve my plans so I will work harder.

  • Right now my largest hurtle is excess sleep.
    • My productivity will skyrocket if I sleep less.


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