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Day 8012

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Sunday, January 27th, 2019

Brandon Andrew Grisham

Everyone is functioning on a delicate balance of sleep.

  • This energy can be blissful or a nightmare.
    • How one chooses to spend their time adjusts how it will play out.

As one works, their mind goes on autopilot. It is strange.

  • When one works, focus is shifted to passive awareness.
    • Conscious decision returns when the task is complete.
      • One can stop of their own free will, yet work offers rewards.
        • We continue, as we enjoy the dopamine and money.

Tasks build up like dirty laundry. A full load takes time.

  • Routine maintenance helps reduce the time required.

So much brilliant information and media exists outside our language.

  • As the Internet grows, the gap will melt away with translation.

Someone is having the best or worst day of their week each day.

  • Minor or major problems can be remedied if calm.
    • The bulk of the day still usually goes okay.
      • A few frustrating hours shouldn’t negate the good ones.

All actions require time. Some projects take more. Various tasks require less. How you feel impacts your daily mood and ultimately effects your memory.


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