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Day 8014

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Tuesday, January 29th, 2019

Brandon Andrew Grisham

The mis-managed college system favors grants and networking.

  • College remains a frustrating business with egotists and social status seekers.
    • It remains as a job, not an intellectual congregation.
      • Funding is more important than the pursuit of knowledge.
        • That is why students party, I think. I’m not sure.

As one places effort, their mentality changes into exhaustion.

  • Puddles of sweat, sore muscles, a tired mind, etc.
    • These moments, while agonizing, are exceptional.
      • They lead to growth, intellect, skill, and strength.

I’m sure that few things smell as gentle as a cup of herbal tea.

  • Water, flowers, and the mental image of calm relaxation.

As you age, time flows faster. Fearing death, most settle for comfort.

In a currency based world, you make money for others or yourself.

Whatever you create will always be “good enough” to exist.

  • Even if you fail, what you created is still better than a simple idea.
    • Millions of great ideas occur, yet few reach the masses.

Place effort, work until you know it is complete, polish it for a bit, then share it.


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