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Day 8015

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Wednesday, January 30th, 2019

Brandon Andrew Grisham

Like a beacon in time, senses blur into a single speck of memory.

  • Barely remembered, calm moments fold over themselves.

There are few “true” reasons to live. Everything is a bonus/extra.

  • Try to not take this “race” too seriously (unless your job helps others).
    • Being content isn’t setting, it is being grateful.
      • As long as you’re working, you can survive.

If one has a solid work ethic, you can hold just about any job.

  • Most require training, waking early to maximize hours, and trials.

Deadlines and commitment are impossible to work with if you don’t schedule them in advance. Notes always help.

Success always seems easier if you forget the sacrifices.

Try to imagine how your life looks to an old generation.

  • What you experience daily is far nicer by comparison.
    • Notice how relaxed our society has become.
      • Notice how stressful our society has become.

How long it takes to do specific work depends on how often you do it.

Some tasks always take time, whereas others can be shortened or elongated based on consistency.


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