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Day 7989

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Friday, January 4th, 2019

Brandon Andrew Grisham is a solid place for printing quality business cards.

Lift every day. No alcohol/sugar. Run 3 miles a day. Do this for seven months.

  • Aim for 140 – 150 lbs.


  • /g/ is smart, but bickers & likes comedy. Most helpful.
  • /fit/ has good intentions but is too testosterone heavy.
  • /lit/ is the most introspective board. Not great for tutorials.
  • /sci/ is the “smartest” but always has the same topics/spam.
  • /out/ loves to discuss nature. Usual self-sustaining tutorials.
  • /diy/ is the question board. Most tutorials exist here.
  • /x/ is crazy but creative. Best entertainment/inspiration.

I’m sticking with DIY, Technology, and Literature.

Squats are important. So are toe-touches/sit-ups.

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