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Day 7994

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Wednesday, January 9th, 2019

Brandon Andrew Grisham

Admit a mistake immediately and most will forget it quickly.

  • Argue, deny or hide and most will always remember.

There will be many that are better than you at something.

  • Learn from them and you’ll be able to teach others.

Emotions will be remembered far longer than words.


One of the oddest things that I find is Internet cruelty.

  • While often subtle, it is bashing the ignorant.
    • Intelligence is gained. It is a gift, not an expectation.
      • Time to learn or study is a privilege that few have.

A solid work ethic promotes challenging yourself.

  • There are plenty of lazy and stupid people.

If you use your intelligence to bash those that are not as smart as you instead of helping or teaching them, then you are being lazy and stupid too.

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