Song of the Day: (It’s Not Living) If It’s Not With You

Today’s song is (It’s Not Living) If It’s Not With You by State & Capitals.
Most probably think that I meant the original by the 1975.
Nope. Wanted to feature a cover.

I love the 1975. They’re a great band (and I’ve enjoyed their work for years).
That said, sometimes the mood of the song doesn’t match the lyrics.
For example, the original is far more upbeat than this cover.
That’s why I’m featuring this. A better mood to focus on the heavier lyrics.

And all I do is sit and think about you.

Yeah, the lyrics are sad, but the backing instrumental needs more focus.

That solid acoustic guitar. The way the piano riff jumps in for the chorus. It’s sweet.,0v1/fit/500x500.jpg

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