Song of the Day: Harmony Hall

Today’s song is Harmony Hall by Switchfoot.
Most are only familiar with the Vampire Weekend original from 2019.
Screw that, I’m more of a cover-person.
You get more varied musical styling/experimentation.

I have an odd history with this song.
I either love it or loathe myself for keeping it on my playlist.
Maybe it’s something I love to hate, or hate to love. Don’t know.

I thought that I was free from all that questionin’
But every time a problem ends another one begins.

I dig the harmonies. The soft acoustic backing.
That soft-simplicity of it. It’s too damn catchy.

The longer it plays, the more I enjoy the differences from the original.
It’s a solid cover that gave just enough to separate it. Neat.

Harmony Hall by Switchfoot

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