Song of the Day: Overwhelmed

Today’s song is Overwhelmed by Royal & the Serpent.
More modern alternative/indie with some digital soup (especially at the middle/end).
Has a faster pace and a fun back-and-forth lyrical style.

It works really well to encapsulate the feeling of (and certain points even directly reference) the COVID-19 pandemic.
Not sure how much that will serve to date this song moving forward, but it’s still pretty neat.

I get overwhelmed so easily. My anxiety keeps me silent when I try to speak.

That beat is cool. The way the guitar kicks in with the faster lyrics (then adding more emphasis). Then back to the softer side.

I really dig the musical ‘ping-pong’ of the progression.
It kinda breaks down at the end (but it was clearly intentional).
It earns the heavier segments by directly leading up to them.
Yeah, it’s in your face with it, but it isn’t ‘overwhelming’.

Overwhelmed - Royal & the Serpent

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