Song of the Day: The Heart Of Rock & Roll

Today’s song is The Heart Of Rock & Roll by Huey Lewis and the News.
I could be goofy and quote American Psycho (and I likely did for the social media sharing of this post).
I can’t help myself. Hell, even Huey Lewis himself parodied the scene with Weird Al.

I’ve enjoyed Huey Lewis and The News since I was little.
If you watch Back to the Future enough you’ll love them equally as much.

But it’s still that same old back beat rhythm that really, really drives ’em wild.

Those synth undertones are excellent. Also those elements of flair. It has a grit to it that I enjoy.

That saxophone interlude is fun. Always like that bit.

Their discography holds quite a few hits. Check out their work (especially any best-of compilations).

The Heart of Rock & Roll - Huey Lewis and the News

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