Song of the Day: Army Of The Night

Today’s song is Army Of The Night by Powerwolf.
Powering forward into some fairly contemporary power/heavy metal.

A German group. Europeans really dig some heavy metal.
Seriously, look into the scene. You’ll find some excellent stuff.

Stand up all the night and call the fight.
Let your mind go wild before the light.

Metal really loves to get heavier with the subject matter, particularly within the lyrics.

I can’t stand when people refuse to give certain genres a chance just because it isn’t their scene.

My favorite genres are Pop and Electronic. It’s just my specific taste, and it shifts over time.
Yeah, I don’t much care for Country, Rap or even Metal, but I still try to find stuff within these genres that I enjoy.

Expanding your horizons is a crucial tactic. Challenging your tastes leads to new appreciation.

Army Of The Night - Powerwolf

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