Song of the Day: Toasty

Today’s song is Toasty by Hailaker.

Experimental folk.
This one has an electronic edge, but that isn’t really their sound.

This song gets to me.
I don’t know why this one makes me so sad.
Hell, one of the lines is ‘nosebleed in a tampon’.

Said you’re ‘only’ away for eight months.
That’s all? What for?
That’s ages to wait for someone.

Their other work is quite soothing if you enjoy tracks like this.

The instance where the track slows down (2:30 in) and focuses on the vocals is excellent.
The drum kicks in, the guitar swells and that catchy hook melts into their lyrics.

It’s emotional. Heaviness hits you like a truck and I’m all for it.
A great song.

Toasty by Hailaker


Click here for the full YouTube playlist (of all of the song’s I’ve talked about).
I’ve talked about hundreds of them, so you’re bound to find something entertaining.

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