Song of the Day: Be Alright

Today’s song is Be Alright by Ariana Grande.

R&B with heavy house elements.
It’s freaking me out that this song is already over five years old.

A great hook and such a beautiful vocal register.
Enjoy how optimistic this track is. Really mellows me out.

The hard times are golden ’cause they all lead to better days..

Those mild tropical hints. The way it hearkens back to 90’s house classics. It’s great.

That click on the track keeps the pace beautifully.
Really can’t stop singing the praises for the mixing on this.
It’s so solid. You can listen to it on loop and still dig the progression.

I’ll never get over how this teenage Nickelodeon star became such a massive artist.
She was a comedic side-character.
Just seems like an odd trivia fact at this point versus that being her introduction to many within my generation.


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I’ve talked about hundreds of them, so you’re bound to find something entertaining.

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