Song of the Day: Love Story

Today’s song is Love Story by Monsieur Minimal.

Indie pop with a bossa nova feel.
Once the horns kick in, my love for the instrumentation begins.

I like how the full weight of the song rests not on the lyrics, but the instruments.
It tells the story beautifully, interwoven between the message of the song (thus, the title).

Did you ever try see? Did you ever try to feel?

It’s equally soothing and melancholy. At the start it sounds lovely, but then you can imagine the tone shifting, as can a “love story”.

The strings just draw out so much. It’s absolutely lovely.
Paired with the acoustic guitar, it all melds together.

Lollipop | MonsieurMinimal


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I’ve talked about hundreds of them, so you’re bound to find something entertaining.

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