Song of the Day: Changes

Today’s song is Changes by Butterfly Boucher (and David Bowie).
Yes, this song got big because of Shrek 2. Doesn’t make this any less of a great rendition.
Life has a funny habit of turning you into someone else. Not day-by-day, but you notice over the years.
They’re immune to your consultations. They’re quite aware of what they’re going through.

The lyrics are beautiful. That’s the benefit of David Bowie.
One statement that always pisses me off is anyone telling someone to “grow up”.
Your ‘stability’ isn’t permanent, so no, you don’t have it all figured out. Stop preaching like you do.
Yeah, some changes are necessary, but what works for you might not fix what someone else is going through.

Changes - Butterfly Boucher, David Bowie

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