Song of the Day: Fast Car

Today’s song is Fast Car by Tracy Chapman.
She has an extremely calming voice. It’s a soothing song, even with the dark subject matter.
I got no plans, I ain’t going nowhere, so take your fast car and keep on driving.

Really listen to the lyrics. They finally ‘make it’ but then kicker hits.
You stay out drinking late at the bar. See more of your friends than you do of your kids.
I’d always hoped for better. Thought maybe together you and me would find it.

t breaks my heart every time.

Maybe not the best song for Valentine’s Day, but I’d rather have something lamenting the harsh stakes of reality than love (or lust) struck ignorance that talks about how ‘tonight is the only thing that matters’.

Valentine’s Day should celebrate all aspects of love, not just the commercial ‘honeymoon’ crap that doesn’t last. Both the ups and the downs. All love is a risk, and sometime the pain is more than any physical wound could cause, but true love can be worth going through hell. It’s the strongest emotion we have. It can either be ephemeral or immutable.

Fast Car - Tracy Chapman

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