Song of the Day: All of the People

Today’s song is All of the People by Panama Wedding.
Synthpop from the early 2010’s. This one grows on you, trust me.
At first I was interested, then I hated it, now it’s back to being good again,
Those types of songs are kinda infrequent and worth showcasing.
All of the people stand, stand in the way. They’re waiting for the concrete to break.

They lyrics are far less important than the backing instrumental. That’s where the real magic is.
Try focusing on the background and you really see it melt into something cool.
The experimentation and call/response build together. That layering is neat.
The first and last 20 seconds are where it shines. Maybe it’s just because it’s catchy, but it’s a damn good hook.

All of the People - Panama Wedding

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