Song of the Day: Pay No Mind (Lemaitre Remix)

Today’s song is Pay No Mind by Madeon.
All the best electronic artists are apparently French. Who knew?
Yeah, this a remix. I’m sorry, but this is my favorite version of this track (and there are a ton).
That hook is instant and fits so damn well.
No disrespect to Madeon (who has been a favorite of mine for years), but this one just works for me.
Oh, how you glowed when we were young, and with nothing on our minds.

The lyrics are actually quite sweet. It’s a soft reassurance against harsh words.
The way it messes with that funky electronic hook is so much fun.
For good measure, here is the original (in all of it’s pristine glory).
This is also a good running song.
‘Just calm yourself and breathe’

pay no mind - madeon

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