Song of the Day: A Thousand Miles

Today’s song is A Thousand Miles by SADBOii.
Yep. Another cover of a nostalgic song from my childhood. Get over it.
This is a more synth-filled rendition of the original by Vanessa Carlton.

This holds less of a focus toward piano/violins (and helps to separate it).
The throaty vocals also tend to disappear behind the heavier instrumental.
Cause everything’s so wrong and I don’t belong living in your precious memory.

Anyone who doesn’t like this song is entitled to their opinion. It’s schmaltzy and really leans into the sentimental tone.
That said, it still holds up, both in terms of lyrics and pure comedic value.
If I catch any flack for enjoying this song, that’s like, your opinion man. This song is fun.

A Thousand Miles - SADBOii

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