Song of the Day: Mr. Sandman

Today’s song is Mr. Sandman by The Chordettes.
I was born on a Wednesday, in the year 1997, and this is my 97th entry in this series.
Wanted to pick something that serves as a representation of who I am.
This might be an odd pick, but I’ll explain myself.

Give him a lonely heart like Pagliacci, and lots of wavy hair like Liberace

I first heard this song from my favorite film, Back to the Future.
That film is a cornerstone element of who I became. This song helped to solidify my foundation.
Every day I feel like I’m out of place, like I don’t fit in with my time period.
It’s as if my entire life is a lucid dream and that all of the elements of my reality are shaped by the sandman.

Kinda weird to hold such affection for a 50’s song written decades before my parents were even born, but that’s it.
Also, there is a killer rendition by SYML that places more emphasis into how haunting the lyrics can be.
If that’s not your thing, maybe this cover by Oranger will do.

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