Sunday February 5th, 2017

I had an interesting idea for a new way for me to work on my website. It involves a decent bit of work, but I think I can pull it off.

Basically I would call the page “What I Learned Today” and the goal of the page is to continue my education of a variety of topics. I would include sources that link to further reading for research purposes, but I really believe that this can be beneficial in the long run.

  • It provides me with a way to catalog how and where I learned my information
  • I would give links for anyone who wishes to gain more information about the topic.
  • It’s a win/win because just by reading we gain information that was unknown to us previously.
  • It is up to me to offer the material and it’s up to you to react to it.

I suppose without further ado, here is what I learned today.

I learned that we are all consumers.

That’s what we do. Humans need to consume to survive. That’s one of the basic facts of life. We consume a wide variety of things, from the oxygen in the air to drinking a cup of coffee (Which I did today). It’s not something that I usually do, but I can certainly see the benefit that caffeine provides .

What did you eat today? Did you eat breakfast? The food that you put in your body alters the chemical makeup of your body in some form. I’m not too sure that people really think about that. Every piece of food that a human ingests becomes a piece of them in the form of energy. We all do this for a variety of reasons, but the main reason is to get stronger. To gain selfishly from it. Not many may like that I use the word “selfish”, but I really believe that it has a purpose. Every human has to care for themselves in some way. What we do as an individual defines us, so we have to be selfish. It’s in our nature.

Regardless of what I may believe, we all have to know that we are the combination of two people. A genetic mix. It may not be a 50/50 balance at all times, but you are the product of some form of life. Look at your hands really quickly. Do realize that they are different? Your left hand and your right hand are just appendages that allow you to connect to the world. Creative tools that let you interact with the world around you, letting you have a sense of control. But your hands are much more complex than that. They let you type, hold a book, flip a page, grab something interesting, point, gesture, and even in some cases express emotion. Your hands let you interact with the world around you.

Pretty stunning huh.

I learned that within the next thirteen years (before 2030), humans will probably land on the planet of Mars. This will be the single-most important achievement in human history, mainly because once we reach this point, Humans will become a multi-planet species. The implications behind this achievement are staggering.  Generations of humans born after this event will never know what it was like to be stuck on this planet. To look out into the vastness of space and know that we haven’t succeeded yet.

It is my hope that we usher in the age of a new space race.

The benefit that will result out of this endeavor will be astounding.

Let’s hope we continue moving forward.

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