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Chapter 9.

What I did the following day.


There tends to be a bit of an issue when one tries to discuss the future. I’ve always found that predictions rarely come to fruition. While there will always be the ones that can correctly estimate what may happen, some who claim to know what will happen to you often spread a load of bunk. Only you are responsible for your future. If you spend your days eating and never spend the time to exercise regularly, it doesn’t take a psychic to guess that you will gain some weight. My problems usually resolve themselves, however there will always be situations that I can’t seem to get past with just my wit.

Whenever I find trouble understanding why my issues never seem to resolve themselves, I find comfort in knowing that my situation isn’t that bad. I could’ve gotten in a terrible accident or perhaps I’m struggling to make enough money to feed myself, yet I know that things are never that dire. I have a family that cares for me. When I turn to them for help I often find that things could easily be worse if I didn’t have them in my life. When life gets you down, heartbreak is always a harder burden to move past then a simple bad day. The future is never certain, yet you can make some decisions based on obvious issues that we all face.

We all have a short amount of time to spend with the ones we care for. When they are gone, we may be so upset to the point that our own life has little meaning without them. We inevitably move on, but the memory will always be a harsh reminder that what we do is rarely permanent. I like to imagine my life as a go on an arcade machine. You can only get so far on a single quarter, and while the high score is a nice goal to strive toward for others to see, think of all the players that never even came close to achieving it. Another funny example is that it only takes one person unplugging the machine to reset the game and loose the work that so many took the time to accomplish. A strong parallel would be in the form of an arsonist burning down a library before the printing press was invented.

Being written into history books isn’t all that matters. With the invention of the Internet, everyone now has the chance to share their existence with the collected populous. The Internet is the only history book that matters at this point, mainly do the vast amount of knowledge it provides. It is the history book to end all history books. You can even download just about every book that has ever existed, so the ability to be forgotten to time is minimal for those that actively search you out. Find the one thing that you excel at and never stop improving yourself in a way that allows yourself to be remembered.

While many feel that the few seconds of fame given is never enough to live off of, understand that not everyone can share the spotlight. The entire world only has a short span of attention, so expecting to be constantly berated with praise and attention is a futile practice. If you had the chance to look at your life from the view of a historian hundreds of years in the future, you may find that there were countless others that shared the exact same mindset as you. Many simply don’t care about the billions of dead individuals that lived lives just as intricate and complex that were lost to time. Be thankful that you have access to the wonders of modern technology that allows your personality to be logged and looked back upon by countless generations that wish to know more about their ancestors.


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