Obstinate Overhaul

WEBSITE OVERHAULHeavyweights Tony Perkis

After some tedious hours, I’ve managed to overhaul my website organization & search functions this week.

  • Added Videos section. Links to a majority of my old and recent YouTube videos.
  • Edited Résumé and Link section.
  • I’ve improved the legibility of some pages. Many pages left to go (I was into a typewriter font last year).
  • Most of my pages are SEO optimized. Some remaining, but most are indexed & organized for search engines.
    • Website appears on 1st page of results when searching “Brandon Grisham”. Was originally on 5th/6th.
  • Organized my directory pages (Animation, Comics, Graphic Designs, NSFW, etc.)
  • Removed large image files. Slowed down the site & took up space.

The back-end of my website is far more monotonous work than the front-end. As for new content, there are several projects in the works.

Expect something new on Thursday, August 23rd, 2018. Thanks for reading!

– Brandon Grisham (c/o Bagrisham)

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