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Day 8007

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Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019

Brandon Andrew Grisham

Reflection is the best way to cope with the harsh nature of reality.

  • Work requires relaxation and vice-versa.
    • Time off is the best time to prepare or think.
      • By doing so you can learn to go faster.

Nobody knows what stage of life they are in until it passes.

  • They might be near the end, so live with purpose.

Kissing/making out is extremely overrated. It’s nice, but fairly mild.

10 hours is the minimum you should spend per school day.

  • 50 hours per week will get you all A’s.

Waking up early is the only way to get everything done.

  • It is a small sacrifice each day to feel fantastic.

Avoiding the pitfalls and snares of life is only done if educated.

  • What you know at each specific age will help.

Time is easy to waste, but will work for you if you work with it.

  • Being full of life, yet not utilizing it effectively, is an overall waste of youth.
    • Learn and devote time to doing so.


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