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Chapter 14.

Unquestionable content.


I never intended to become depressed. I guess that the harsh nature of living spawned my misery, so I figure that it was an inevitable reaction. I don’t categorize it as typical depression that affect many other people within society. I look at it as a pessimistic view of the future. While humans will no doubt move forward in many exciting ways, the realist in me knows that only the exuberantly wealthy will have access to the wondrous advancements of the future. As an example, let’s say for the sake of argument that we discover the cure for aging. It goes without saying that there will be many who wouldn’t ever just give it away to benefit humanity. The benefit that would follow from offering it to only the rich sickens me and the heartbreak caused by capitalistic greed makes me wary to see the wonders of progress.

In a perfect world, there would be no issues with life and we would all sing Kumbaya allowing us all to have our problems be solved by an omnipotent force. The realist knows that there has always been the haves and have-nots. The ones that could make it through life comfortably and the poor individuals that struggle every day to find happiness and meaning. Often there is the issue that follows the ones who don’t care about living an opportunistic lifestyle. They make it through a life of mediocrity and happily serve a cause that allows them to live comfortably, even if it comes at the distress of others.

I’m just a single man who knows only a horribly selective lifestyle. I’ve never left my home country in the pursuit of a better lifestyle. I never challenged the system in a way that allows the down-trodden to rise up as a collective. I live a monotonous and rather standard existence that is considerably selfish, and I’m perfectly okay with that. I shouldn’t have to explain myself or my actions to anyone. I exist only to find pleasure and happiness to myself and my prosperity. Anything that comes along with my pursuit is only a bonus. While I would love to help others in a non-selfish manner, it simply comes with the lifestyle. Terribly sorry if I offend you with my existence, but I know that you are also only one person who really doesn’t matter to me in the grand scheme.

I pride myself in knowing that we will only impact each other through individual actions that we make every day. I make an attempt to be pleasant and caring, but I make no promises that I will never harm a person emotionally. It is simply far to easy to hurt one’s feelings, especially on this wondrous invention that we call the Internet.


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