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Chapter 15. The Cliffhanger. ——————- Endings tend to make some people upset. The unavoidable conclusions to the stories that we read are often found to be either disappointing or bittersweet. You can’t write a never-ending story. Tales have… Read More

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Chapter 14. Unquestionable content. ———————– I never intended to become depressed. I guess that the harsh nature of living spawned my misery, so I figure that it was an inevitable reaction. I don’t categorize it as typical depression… Read More

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Chapter 13. Questionable content. ———————– Popularity seems to be a rather odd focus for others to strive towards. The amount of followers that one receives online just becomes a metric for success and the awful reality that stems… Read More

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Chapter 8. The usual chaos. ———————– Often I find that there really is no definitive form of a normal work life. There are some who slave away at a job that serves little to no purpose in the… Read More