Page #250

Chapter 15.

The Cliffhanger.


Endings tend to make some people upset. The unavoidable conclusions to the stories that we read are often found to be either disappointing or bittersweet. You can’t write a never-ending story. Tales have to reach the finale, regardless of the intentions of the author. The beauty that can be found in some endings are in the form of cliffhangers.

When the possibility for a continuation is given, fans can cling to the idea that the narrative isn’t over yet. While some enjoy the culmination of plot points, some can’t cope with the fact that it’s over. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this project is coming to it’s end. While I had an enormous amount of fun writing this, the ending was an unavoidable part of the creation process. It can be bittersweet at times, but the journey is often more important than the end point.

While I can’t offer a real explanation as to why the story has to end right here, try to understand that I can only work so hard. Writing is always a challenge, despite some who say that it’s easy. Yes, I make most of it up as I go along. That doesn’t mean that anyone can turn a blank page into an organized excuse for existence. Actually, that may not be true in the sense that anyone with the ability to type and spell can become a successful writer. It all depends on the motivation and skill that the author provides, either in the form of artistic prowess or expertise.

Know that while this tale has reached its final entry, know that this isn’t the end. I will continue to write as much as physically possible, even if my meat sticks get tired. The struggle often associated with exhaustion is that many get burnt-out. When I sit down to write, the potential chance of fatigue is certainly there, even if I can’t expect it. I guess that reality is hard to face, even when I enjoy writing late into the night.

Usually the desire to continue writing keeps me going, however the need to create a new segment keeps me from actually progressing. Topics are hard to produce when countless other vastly talented authors compete with you. Advancing my writing is the main reason that I move forward. Coming up with ideas isn’t the issue. The problem that I constantly face is a desire to expand on my ideas. An idea is only as good as it’s execution, and the added stress tends to cause me to find mediocrity in every segment. I only hope to entertain you, but now that I’ve reached the conclusion I’ve found that the situation has completely changed. Hopefully that change keeps you happy.


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