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Chapter 15. The Cliffhanger. ——————- Endings tend to make some people upset. The unavoidable conclusions to the stories that we read are often found to be either disappointing or bittersweet. You can’t write a never-ending story. Tales have… Read More

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Chapter 14. Unquestionable content. ———————– I never intended to become depressed. I guess that the harsh nature of living spawned my misery, so I figure that it was an inevitable reaction. I don’t categorize it as typical depression… Read More

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Chapter 13. Questionable content. ———————– Popularity seems to be a rather odd focus for others to strive towards. The amount of followers that one receives online just becomes a metric for success and the awful reality that stems… Read More

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Chapter 12. Yes, I like contractions. ———————– Some day I figure that Humans will evolve themselves. Not in the form of DNA editing (which we certainly will get to in the next 20 years with the advancements of… Read More

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Chapter 11. Why it wasn’t weird for me to say that. ———————– Strangeness is a quality that often goes unappreciated. When someone calls one abnormal, the irony of the situation is that there is no such thing as… Read More

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Chapter 10. Why I find a calmness in most Tables of Contents. ———————– Writing down your thoughts is a wonderful way to convey complex thoughts and emotions to others. While I may never know the satisfaction of simply… Read More

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Chapter 9. What I did the following day. ———————– There tends to be a bit of an issue when one tries to discuss the future. I’ve always found that predictions rarely come to fruition. While there will always… Read More

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Chapter 8. The usual chaos. ———————– Often I find that there really is no definitive form of a normal work life. There are some who slave away at a job that serves little to no purpose in the… Read More

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Chapter 7. Or so I thought. ———————– Moving forward will always have its challenges. Some days will be a harder burden on your psyche. I’ve found that when life throws a curve-ball at you, try actually hitting it… Read More

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Chapter 4. How are you? ———————– Typically I can understand that the future is unclear. We all attempt to move forward with our own lives, moving forward ever so slowly into who we truly become. Most tend to… Read More