Song of the Day: Chic

Today’s song is Chic by Leadley.
Simple, over-bearing pop.
It acts like junk-food for your ears at times, but it’s still interesting.

Just let me vibe to contemporary stuff.
I enjoy living in the present because it’s usually a gift.

I’m dying to make you believe, how beautiful you are to me.

A solid vocal register. Reminds me of Ariana Grande (with less trap-influences that her new work holds).
Electronic elements tend to hook me. This song has a few attractive qualities.
Not an over-bearing instrumental. Solid pacing. Endless repetition to irritate you.

Will those modern elements date the song? Obviously.
Does that ruin the experience? Nope.
It just gives it less time before it starts to sound annoyingly like it’s decade.
Maybe in a few years this will be extremely dated.

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