Song of the Day: love me better

Today’s song is love me better by joan.
Gave me some serious flashbacks to something from Bobby Brown like My Perogative or Every Little Step
This song has a ton of nostalgic alt pop vibes, while also incorporating some modern elements that makes it stand out.

You’ve lost your charm and traded it for Prada. Who are you, now?

As always, this is just a song that sounded cool. No ‘hidden messaging’ behind it.
I’m not stupid enough to base my tastes off my social interactions/relationships.  That’s stupid.
It would lead to a warped perspective and I like to be as neutral as possible when I’m exposed to new music.
Like a musical Switzerland. Base-neutral for fair evaluation. I want to try everything.

Relationship songs always hit differently, as they expose pain developed from the artist’s experience with them.
There are a reason these types songs work so well. It’s raw and really translates well to punchy music styling.
Nobody wants to hear about rainbows and kittens all the time. Listeners enjoy a bit of conflict.

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