Song of the Day: Electric Feel

Today’s song is Electric Feel by Tash Sultana.
This is a more ‘experimental’ cover of the famous MGMT song.

Stuff like this is why I share covers sometimes. It’s cool.

You can feel it in your mind. Oh, you can do it all the time.
Plug it in, change the world. You are my electric girl.

It’s such a soothing cover. Every blending element makes this such a sweet rendition.
I’m still blown away by how much she was able to juggle at once.

This one is a more ‘relaxed’ exploration of the tune.
If you’re looking for a cover more in-line with MGMT’s electronica ‘feel’, try out this Justice cover.

It kicks ass. I would have given it it’s own post, but too many songs of the same name get confusing.

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