Song of the Day: Let My Love Open The Door

Today’s song is Let My Love Open The Door by Pete Townshend.

A boppy, upbeat new wave song from 1980.
I’m a sucker for this one (and I can’t really pin why).

It doesn’t really have much going for it apart from it’s ‘nice’ qualities.
The intro is catchy (and I really dig the backing), but it sort of melts into psuedo ‘Paul-Simon’ territory.
It also led to an interesting cover recently by Rogue Wave.

When people keep repeating
That you’ll never fall in love.

Yeah, I had to showcase the original. It’s fun and I like it.
That said, an interesting version for me is the E. Cola Mix:

This one is more synth-laden.
It’s calmer and less bombastic, and I kinda like that.

Let My Love Open the Door

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