Song of the Day: It’s Raining Men

Today’s song is It’s Raining Men by The Weather Girls.

Hi-NRG / Disco.
Yes, I love this song. I’m comfortable enough with my masculinity to state that (shouting it from the rooftops if I have to).
This track knows what it is, and I really dig the sound.
Seriously, give it a full listen. It’s a classic (and the backing tone is exceptional)

According to all sources (What sources now?)

I really enjoy the back and forth with the pre-chorus and the vocal ranges on display. The way it just slams like thunder really adds to the sound.

Yeah, the song is goofy. That said, it’s one of the few post-70’s disco tracks that actually works.
You really can’t deny that this is catchy as hell. Simple as that.

Success weather girls.jpg


Click here for the full YouTube playlist (of all of the song’s I’ve talked about).
I’ve talked about hundreds of them, so you’re bound to find something entertaining.

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