Song of the Day: Damn (Unstuck)

Today’s song is Damn (Unstuck) by Vox Rea.

This isn’t that old, but I already regard it as a classic
What can I say? It just really works for me.
Once you hear how strong the pacing hits and the vocal sweep you’ll likely fall for it too.

‘Cause damn, it’s all in my hands. Bottle of gin and a cigarette.

It is soft, but the ramp-up really builds into a soothing track to unwind with.

That backing piano is excellent when paired with the vocals.
Once you notice how the strings keep to the backing and the little touches poking through it all adds up.
The way it maintains the mood without resorting to a key change is pretty great.

Vox Rea – Damn (Unstuck) Lyrics | Genius Lyrics


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I’ve talked about hundreds of them, so you’re bound to find something entertaining.

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