Sunday, March 5th, 2017

I’ll be the first to admit that it’s been an off week. I apologize for not posting anything over the past several days, but the stress from my new job has started to get to me. My new schedule recently came out today, and I now know what my new role is within the company. While I was originally hired for a dish-washing position, I was transferred after a few days of training over to a kitchen role. This led to me running a salad station as well as being responsible for nightly food prep. While I’m used to this role, the change has been a bit strenuous. Working 35+ hours a week is a larger jump from my previous job, and I’m still adjusting to the later nights and fewer off days.

Over the past week, I’ve mainly been working, sleeping, exercising, or researching for an unannounced project. I promise to provide additional details soon, but the work that I’ve been doing on my side project (graphic design) may provide a clue as to what it may be. Within my free time, I’ve focused on leaning from a rather large range of topics, mainly stemming from philosophy. Philosophy has been a fascinating new interest of mine, originally forming from my look into the CrashCourse series. I never knew that there was an entire subset of ideas and theorems to explain life processes. I’ll leave a list of some of the educational videos that I watched. I have a feeling that I’ll be sharing more and more of these, as I really enjoy this format.

Today (before going to work) I spent my afternoon watching a panel with some of my favorite animators currently working in television (Alex Hirsh, Rebecca Sugar, Butch Hartman, Craig McCraken, and Lauren Faust). Their work has spawned an entire generation of fans and animation enthusiasts, including some of which who are much older and of a different gender than the intended audience. I find it strange to think that we are still being held to an ancient standard of separating shows by gendered interest. I enjoyed the original Powerpuff Girls and I can see the interest in shows like My Little Pony (not a fan, but can see the appeal for a strong, character-driven story structure). A good show should be free from ratings separation for sales and demographics, but that pipe-dream won’t come to fruition until animation becomes cheaper. You can find a link to the panel discussion bellow.


I’m working on improving my editing and posting techniques. What originally started as simple and in-frequent updates will now turn into a stream of consistent, scheduled, and organized content. If you look at my archive, you can see that I made a new post almost every day in February. I hope to continue this trend, so I’m working on setting off a portion of my day to generate new material (as well as some ideas to continue later).

Hopefully this plan works out.


(Vol. II)

Human Evolution: Crash Course Big History #6

The Modern Revolution: Crash Course Big History #8

The Anthropocene and the Near Future: Crash Course Big History #9

The Deep Future: Crash Course Big History #10

The Future of Virtual Reality: Crash Course Games #21

Early Computing: Crash Course Computer Science #1

Electronic Computing: Crash Course Computer Science #2

Leonardo DiCaprio & The Nature of Reality: Crash Course Philosophy #4

Anselm and the Argument for God: Crash Course Philosophy #9

Perspectives on Death: Crash Course Philosophy #17

Deep Time: Crash Course Astronomy #45

Everything, The Universe…And Life: Crash Course Astronomy #46

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