Song of the Day: Hang On

Today’s song is Hang On by NEEDTOBREATHE. Indie-Rock. Yeah, this group is often classified as a Christian Rock group. Eh. This track isn’t overtly preachy and apart from a vague-sense, doesn’t match other contemporary religious songs. You can… Read More

Song of the Day: Hangar

Today’s song is Hangar by 8485. Alt/Indie. A quick song that has an excellent backing, a harsh static sound, and some brutal vocals. There is really something surreal about this, as if it came from somewhere beyond the… Read More

Song of the Day: (Wasted) on the moon

Today’s song is (Wasted) on the moon by Halo Kitsch. Indie Pop-Rock. This one focuses on a steady drum-beat, transitioning as the lyrics progress. It flows well, sticks with solid pacing, and the tone is pretty cool. You… Read More

Song of the Day: Everybody Wants It

Today’s song is Everybody Wants It by Zee Machine & Kelechi. Pop. Fast paced and loaded with synth. The vocals are great too. What’s not to love? Yeah, there isn’t much to the lyrics, but the sentiment is… Read More

Song of the Day: Ebay

Today’s song is Ebay by “Weird Al” Yankovic. Parody. I’ve loved this song since I was little. This was once one of the first few YouTube songs I ever heard. It is a fun rendition making fun of… Read More

Song of the Day: Diet Coke

Today’s song is Diet Coke by Leanna Firestone. Alt Pop. An offbeat track about dealing with anorexia. Yeah, this is a weird one, but still super catchy and it sticks with you. The drums with this are punchy… Read More

Song of the Day: Sixteen (Oceans1985 Remix)

Today’s song is Sixteen (Remix) by Oceans1985. Pop. So this is a remix by Oceans1985, giving it a solid 80’s pop vibe. The original by Don is FAR slower and the tone is a far-cry from this style… Read More

Song of the Day: Cool Kids (Our Version)

Today’s song is Cool Kids (Our Version) by Echosmith. Alt Pop. A newer rendition of the original, this time with a more ‘alt-focused’ approach. The sound feels a bit ‘sharper’ in this one, and I still really enjoy… Read More

Song of the Day: In a River

Today’s song is In a River by Rostam. Alternative/Indie. Acoustic tracks like this really add so much to the style. The drums slam, soft strumming makes things softer, and the reverb sets the tone. In the faint light… Read More

Song of the Day: One More Weekend

Today’s song is One More Weekend by Maude Latour. Pop. This is a quick, bombastic track that builds with a soothing pace. The way it focuses on the ephemeral nature of relationships and youth makes it work well…. Read More

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