Song of the Day: LA in Two (Rework)

Today’s song is LA in Two (Rework) by Valley. Pop-Rock. This is a remix/redo of a song by ELIO. Both are fantastic tracks. While I prefer the speed/tone of the Valley version, the lyrics remain. Yeah, there are some… Read More

Song of the Day: Namedropper

Today’s song is Namedropper by Valley. Another interesting song from “the Canadian the 1975”. That hook is so satisfying and unique. I keep finding myself humming it. Everyone knows you. Everyone says they know your name.  This… Read More

Song of the Day: sucks to see you doing better

Today’s song is sucks to see you doing better by Valley. This song breaks my heart. It really captures the sentiment of online comparisons. You’re doing better than me, I admit it. Found someone better than me, and I… Read More