The beauty of others

The Beauty of Others.

Sharing is caring. Thinking about that phrase, I find myself actually questioning what you receive when you allow others to benefit from your work. Some feel a sense of pride knowing that they went out of their own way to help their fellow man. The situation changes completely when it’s the opposite sex. Not that the sensation or the meaning changes, but in the simple context that I myself am not a woman. The female mind is completely alien to me, and I suppose that’s what makes it so completely fascinating.

The disconnect that forms between the opposing sexes is often times hilarious. We all form from the same origin, yet there is an inherent power struggle. Personally, the argument that this world is dominated by men is completely correct. Women know that they are underpaid and underappreciated, yet without the female body none of us would exist. Thankfully they continue to push themselves, and now you can see the effect that has resulted from a higher push for education.

Realistically, the current education system is inherently flawed. The constant push by our culture to value only what would allow you to be successful in a university setting undermines what allows true creativity to flourish. They stamp out any inkling of passion and attempt to mold you into a citizen that gives back in a marginal way. This way of thinking is intrinsically idiotic. Our entire planet has shifted into a futuristic setting that runs on a singular platform. Those that can work with machines are held to a higher standard. Those who are inept with modern technology are cast aside and sentenced to a life of dismal opportunity. It sucks, but the collective mindset simply doesn’t care about the struggles of the few and challenged.

Learn from our greatest failures and you can ensure that they are never repeated.

Welcome to the world that was inherited by the meek. Originally, those with the largest stick were the ones who dominated. Once we reached the Atomic age, everything became a power struggle. The few who hold the keys to the decimation of humanity hold no power. They know that if they launch the nuclear missiles, there is no real winner. We have an opportunity to destroy everything that we worked so hard to achieve, and it’s hard to state how broken the world is now that we know this. The world is ruled by those who understand that to be human is to be insignificant. We live in an era that cares for advancement, in any form, regardless of importance. While we live in a wondrous phase of existence, the problems that we currently face are marginally greater.

The mortal condition is stupid. No one person is better than any other, yet we hold ourselves to unrealistic standards that were created by long dead generations. We are only collectively as strong as our weakest link. We live and then we die. What came before will always be the template for the future, and that mindset is unreliable. It’s a learned position, and if I may offer my take on humanity, know that the opinion of others is often wrong. I wasn’t born to become a well liked or respected person. I was born because my parents decided to have unprotected sex. Don’t go through life hoping for any more than what already exists. What presently exists is both beautiful and horrific. Learn to live with that and strive for happiness.

What is the point of this entire essay? To be perfectly honest, I’m not too sure. Discussion brings with it a sense of purpose. We often surround ourselves with self-gratifying forms of artistic expression. My wish is to provide a platform for conversation, simply because these topics need to be discussed. Life, existence, and motivation vary from individual to individual. We’ve had the ability to destroy ourselves for quite some time now, so what does that fact spell for future generations? That power won’t just stay dormant for the rest of human existence like an inactive volcano. The more we ignore this issue, the worse the situation could potentially become.

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