I’m Frustrated

Normally I have issues with others. It isn’t that I’m anti-social, but it’s easy to know that I don’t function well in environments with human interaction. This type of anxiety has been a nightmare to deal with, primarily… Read More

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  My life isn’t miserable. It’s just in a damaged state and its taken me far too long to get back on track. I guess I’m at fault for that, and the issue just annoys me. My life… Read More

Panels #5: Hands

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  Dying isn’t fun. You would think that finally reaching the end would be like taking off tight shoes, but the reality is far from it. Gasping for air while a young man attempts to pull you from… Read More

The Argument for a Digital Afterlife

The Argument for a Digital Afterlife Life is but a series of choices. Many fear that they will reach their deathbed and have more mistakes than positive experiences. You only get to pick maybe one or two careers,… Read More

The beauty of others

The Beauty of Others. Sharing is caring. Thinking about that phrase, I find myself actually questioning what you receive when you allow others to benefit from your work. Some feel a sense of pride knowing that they went… Read More

Page #200

Chapter 12. Yes, I like contractions. ———————– Some day I figure that Humans will evolve themselves. Not in the form of DNA editing (which we certainly will get to in the next 20 years with the advancements of… Read More

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Chapter 11. Why it wasn’t weird for me to say that. ———————– Strangeness is a quality that often goes unappreciated. When someone calls one abnormal, the irony of the situation is that there is no such thing as… Read More

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Chapter 10. Why I find a calmness in most Tables of Contents. ———————– Writing down your thoughts is a wonderful way to convey complex thoughts and emotions to others. While I may never know the satisfaction of simply… Read More