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Chapter 8.

The usual chaos.


Often I find that there really is no definitive form of a normal work life. There are some who slave away at a job that serves little to no purpose in the form of moving humanity forward. When I think of how much time is practically wasted by the poor souls who deal with the idiotic individuals at help desks all across the world, I wonder how much further advanced we could be as a species if we could simply automate the unneeded forms of work. Thankfully my wish is coming to fruition in the form of standard work automation.

I have no personal issues with labor. I’ve held over five jobs so far in my lifetime, and while I see the need for some types of labor, my first job as a cashier was already in the process of being eliminated by an employee who watched over several self-checkout machines. Hopefully we can develop a culture that thrives on the automated form of menial tasks that we had no desire to perform in the first place.

The issue that I have the most concern with is what will happen when a large portion of the work force (Over 20%) is found out of a job through no fault of their own. The longer that we have access to personal computers and automated machines, the less time we have to plan for the inevitable. Some argue that we should adopt a form of basic income for all who live in the country, while others would see this as an excuse for the poor to live off of the system.

I really hate to be blunt in my approach to this topic, but I can’t honestly see a better alternative to the issue at hand. It’s called basic income for a reason. It simply provides enough for everyone to afford housing and food, which honestly should have already been implemented. Those that desire more from life than a roof over their head and a meal to eat will find work in some regard. A homeless person costs more to a society over time than the upfront cost of providing a home and some basic nutritional food. Hopefully in my lifetime I can see the decline of poverty, yet I know far too well the outcome of what is to happen.

The rich will stay rich. The poor will grow in numbers that will vastly encapsulate the world. Poverty is but only a symptom of a society that values money above all else. There shouldn’t be the rich and the poor, but simply the people. A society that cares for all and allows all to live comfortably without the fear of an unfair system. Now I understand that many will not share my values and feel that you only get as far as you do in life through hard work, but if I may offer an example, take a look at the vast differences in the population that is considerably rich vs. the average or the poor.

While I know that my qualms with the issues of money are ignorant compared to how young I am, please try to understand that I know that I have little experience with the issue. When I try to get past the problems associated with the inequality of wealth, there is always a solution in the form that capitalism provides. As we move forward as a society, goods and services will become much cheaper to match the needs of the people. Mainly my argument is that rent comes at the cost of a terrible cut in a workers salary. When one struggles to make rent on minimum wage positions, the issues formed by a society that doesn’t offer a simple form of living conditions can only exceed normal levels. Humans have been around for quite some time, and while the birth rate far exceeds the death rate, we certainly should have figured out this issue by now. Population growth is slowing, so I figure that as we move forward there should be systems put into place for housing the individuals that have fallen on hard times. The number of people that automation impacts will only grow, and there is only so much you can do to learn a new trade or work skill when you no longer have a steady job to rely on.


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