YouTube This is a website that allows users to share videos online. You can find videos from any topic/interest. Simply search for a title/user.   I created my channel in 2009. I’m extremely proud of all of the… Read More


Reddit is a website that is run by users who share links and media from all over the Internet and categorize them into their specific categories/topics. These forums (subreddits) are communities of people from all over the world… Read More

All for the sake of altruism

Vanity. It’s hard to fully feel the impact of this word, but I assure you that we all succumb to it. This perpetual desire to feel respected for our work and our actions outweighs the thought about what… Read More

The Argument for a Digital Afterlife

The Argument for a Digital Afterlife Life is but a series of choices. Many fear that they will reach their deathbed and have more mistakes than positive experiences. You only get to pick maybe one or two careers,… Read More

Page #146

Chapter 9. What I did the following day. ———————– There tends to be a bit of an issue when one tries to discuss the future. I’ve always found that predictions rarely come to fruition. While there will always… Read More