Song of the Day: Saeed

Today’s song is Saeed by Infected Mushroom.
Welcome to the wonderful world of psychedelic trance.
Trust me, give it a chance and this genre will really hook you.
I’ve been jamming to it since 2018, and it’s grown to become one of my favorite genres.

This is music that takes it’s time.
Elements and melodic hooks that bridge progression and make every minute something special.
It completely absorbs you and the length really passes in an instant. Perfect for driving.

At night, I sit by your side waiting for you, to give me a sign.
I’m counting the days, and have nothing to say.

If you don’t like the electronic elements, I get that, but you can’t deny those face-melting riffs.
The title ‘Saeed’ (سعيد) is Arabic for “happy”.
These guys are an Israeli musical duo that love experimental tracks (and it really shows).
They’re brilliant once you dig into their back catalog. It gets weird, but trust me, they’re excellent.

Saeed - Infected Mushroom

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