Song of the Day: Project 100

Today’s song is Project 100 by Infected Mushroom.
This is an instrumental. Headphones are strongly recommended.
You’ll loose out on all of the subtle nuances without a decent pair of cans.
Playing this through a crappy phone/laptop speaker isn’t going to cut it.

This is Psychedelic trance. Heavy electronica. The ‘hardcore of digital music’.
Kinda only for those that really dig electronic music.
It’s experimental and odd. Yeah, it obviously isn’t for everyone.

That said, each minute is like it’s own song (and that progression?!)
*Chef’s Kiss*

Just highlighting the brilliant use of violins matched with that angelic choir.

So many brilliant touches. The way it blends acoustic, electronic, classical and psychedelia.
5:31 is my favorite timestamp.
Everything slows to capture the mainline theme before all of the elements weave back together within a minute.
Few bands ever achieve such a distinct/captivating sound. I really love their work.

Project 100 - Infected Mushroom

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