Song of the Day: End Of The Road

Today’s song is End Of The Road by Infected Mushroom. Psychedelic trance. This is more of an experience than a song. It’s pure, mind-melting ingenuity. Seriously, it just builds so well. It all progresses into a beautiful trip beyond… Read More

Song of the Day: Project 100

Today’s song is Project 100 by Infected Mushroom. This is an instrumental. Headphones are strongly recommended. You’ll loose out on all of the subtle nuances without a decent pair of cans. Playing this through a crappy phone/laptop speaker… Read More

Song of the Day: Saeed

Today’s song is Saeed by Infected Mushroom. Welcome to the wonderful world of psychedelic trance. Trust me, give it a chance and this genre will really hook you. I’ve been jamming to it since 2018, and it’s grown… Read More