Song of the Day: In Bloom

Today’s song is In Bloom by Home Made House.

Alt Pop/Rock
I like the build up with this track.
There is a clear-cut melancholy tone that sets the tone, then the shift hits and it turns into something neat.
It also makes great use of pauses, adjusting the anticipation and playing with the theme.

You play the game like this is your comeback. Dressed down to white lilac.
Oh, it’s never too soon to be in bloom.

Those drums really set a nice pace, and those guitar measures are excellent (especially at the end).

This track is short, sweet and to the point.
On repeat listens you really find a lot to admire resting among it all, like the lyrics and those soft touches.
I like this song. It all culminates into a solid tune with a nice setup. Very gratifying.

Hand Made House – In Bloom Lyrics | Genius Lyrics


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