Song of the Day: Last Night Of An Empire

Today’s song is Last Night Of An Empire by Imogen Heap.

Soul / Electropop.
Yes, this is a cover. Nothing against the brilliant original (seriously, it’s excellent).
The reason I chose this one is because it was sung by a vocaloid (specifically Elanor Forte).

Imogen herself would be into this, given that she has been championing (and progressing) electronic music for decades.

Dance like you’re on fire. Oh, go crazy on yourself.
Your Last Rites sung by the choir. You can’t control this anyway.

I’ve had this track on repeat for several months now. It still hits just as hard.

I highlighted the cover because of how strong it enunciates (and gives a sort of morbid meaning given the fake singer).
The lyrics just hit hard with the pseudo-alien singing.
By all mean, jam out to Imogen’s version. I highly recommend it (her mixing is masterful).

Last Night Of An Empire - Single by Imogen Heap | Spotify


Click here for the full YouTube playlist (of all of the song’s I’ve talked about).
I’ve talked about hundreds of them, so you’re bound to find something entertaining.

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