Song of the Day: Breathless

Today’s song is Breathless by The Coors. Pop-Rock. An Irish band made this track. Once hearing that, I discovered the Celtic influences and that made me smile. It also has this sort of ‘yodel’ sound going on that… Read More

Song of the Day: Human

Today’s song is Human by The Killers. New-Wave/Synth-Pop. This was an interesting detour for the Killers. They pivoted with this album to a more electric sound, and I dug it. There was still a twinge of rock leftover… Read More

Song of the Day: Somebody Told Me

Today’s song is Somebody Told Me by The Killers. Alt-Rock/Post-Punk. This era was far more my speed. Yeah, punk had to die to get to this point, but damn if it didn’t create some absolutely beautiful blends. Maybe… Read More

Song of the Day: Mr. Brightside

Today’s song is Mr. Brightside by The Killers. Alt-Rock. Been a fan of Brandon Flowers for years, and knowing that this was the first major single by the Killers makes sense. I’m confident is stating that this is… Read More

Song of the Day: The Man

Today’s song is The Man by The Killers. An odd blend of new-wave/disco rock by that one band you remember from middle-school. Seriously, Brandon Flowers is in-fact the man. He’s worked on more hits than most, and his confidence… Read More