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Chapter 4. How are you? ———————– Typically I can understand that the future is unclear. We all attempt to move forward with our own lives, moving forward ever so slowly into who we truly become. Most tend to… Read More

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  Chapter 3. Hello. ———————– Meeting people is a strange experience. I try to be polite and not annoy the person I’m speaking to. My personality can be quite off putting. Usually I try not thinking about how… Read More

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Chapter 2. Who are you? ———————– Effort is the hardest thing to produce in some people. I can’t say what it truly means to strive for effort. Some go their entire lives not knowing what to do. We… Read More

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    Chapter 1. Who I am. ———————– Hello. I suppose most writings start with a nice bit of foreshadowing about the future of the story. Perhaps there was a prophecy or some legendary story of heroics. Nope…. Read More

Thomas Grey: Chapter One

Below is the initial chapter of a short-story I worked on. I wrote it after breaking my arm in November 2016. It was never that good, but there is still some value to the concept. Hopefully you enjoy… Read More

The Software Wizard

I wrote a poem.   The Progress bar. The actions behind the curtain. Ironically, there is but one thing that I am certain. They will go faster. They will will fill up. Yet 100% can’t truly be good… Read More